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    Exclamation Forza 2 Special Edition Cheap

    For those who haven't bought Forza 2 yet go on amazon as the normall game is £39.99 but the Special Edition is £39.98 where as in Game its £50 just thought I'd let you know. Also the stratagy guide is £8.57 cheaper than Game's £12.99. Normal one. Special Edition. Stratagy guide.
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    Thanks for the heads up.. I'll probaly order mine from there now..
    ...I Still Dawdle Round These Ends...

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    Got mine for 39 at virgin

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    Went on Amazon and they are sold out but tesco have the ltd edition for 39.98 aswell


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    My LCE Cost £25 i love Gift Vouchers


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc_CRX »
    My LCE Cost 25 i love Gift Vouchers
    NICE!! Might be able to get mine for 35 off tesco's with my dads discount he gets.

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    thanks to woolworths not getting my copy i on time, i now have 2 LCE copys, one in my room and one in woolworths waiting to be picked up!! one cost 50 and the other one cost 43.......rainbow six all over again!!!!

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    just get it refunded using the receipt from the one you bought in store, if theres a problem give me a shout.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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