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    Hey, are you guys as mad as the Atari Forum lot, they would spend 5mill on a 1000 Mile Ferrari Enzo rather than buying a new one for the standard price?!...

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    I'm an economic guy, so no. I wouldn't. Though I understand those who does because they want a really really unique ride.
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    I used to sell them becouse you could, good way of getting money but not 5 million.
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    My reply to a very similar topic... (some of it won't make sense because its an answer to a post in the other topic, but I couldn't be bothered editting :P)

    Quote Originally Posted by ThorpaaayUK »
    Ofcourse you can set yourself the price you sell your car at. You choose to sell a car, then it says "put up for sale" and something else, click put up for sale, then a price comes up with arrows. You change the price here.

    As for high mileage cars, particularly within the forum spirit its nice to keep cars within the forum that have had a lot of miles put on the clock. Anyone can buy a new car, wheres the fun and originality in that?

    And high mileage cars in the game, are like classic cars in real life. They have a rarity factor to them, thats why people will pay more.

    With the ease at which you can get money in the game, I dont think some of the prices people ask for higher mileage cars at that ludicrous.

    I do agree though that anyone who buys a car from trade that has 0 miles for anything more than the dealer price is an absolute fool, and it annoys me to see loads of cars that have just been bought and then listed for the same or a slightly inflated price. I'd far rather see trade full of high mileage cars, or tuned cars ready to drive (not a lot of effort to tune a car, but you know..). Its just full of crap these days.


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