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    Default 1000 mile black stg3 Enzo

    how much am i worth what are the offers?

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    $3 mil

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    :bananasplit::bananaskip::bananaskip::bananasplit::bananaski p::bananaskip::bananasplit::bananaskip::bananaskip::bananasp lit::bananaskip::bananaskip:
    Quote Originally Posted by Sokoow »
    $3 mil
    whaTTTTT m8 u after enzo ill give u 1 for free just give me a bell @ [email protected] then well set it up u sell crap car 4 1.100.000
    il buy ok
    sey ya on THE ISLAND l8terz...:bananaskip::bananaskip::bananasplit::bananaskip::b ananasplit::bananasplit::bananasplit::bananaskip::bananaskip ::bananaskip::bananasplit:

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    This thread is 4 moths old, I highly doubt they are still wishing to trade.

    Plus please cut down on the bannana emoticons, as it does degrade the overall look of the forum, and to knew pepolle who browse, may not sign up, as they feel that the forum is childish etc.

    Thanks on behalf of TDU:C lol
    Life is good. Simples. Cccchhhhh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iced_Bullet » they feel that the forum is childish etc.
    Bananas are cool! That's what they're for, to get your attention!
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