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    Default Spotted: The TDU Secret Car

    Did you see it too? Post it here! This combination of an Audi RS4 and Skyline R34 GT-R is actually quite cool! Also followed Ledeboer with some rounds on the track, quite good handling aswell So post your photo's and movies of it HERE!

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    If you click on the "Instant Challenge" Button you should find out what It is ment to be.. Thats the info we need!
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    mmm... i know one way you can "get it work" or better say... drive it

    1. Go to your "Vehicules" folder on your game directory (example: E:\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk\Vehicules)

    2. Choose one car you like to drive cause of handling/speed/acel and that kind of things xD, I`ll make the example with de Ferrari Enzo.

    3. You will have to make the backup of 4 files you can find in Vehicules folder, in this case: "Enzo.bnk" , "Enzo_I.bnk" , "Default.bnk" and "Default_I.bnk".

    4. Remove the 2 Enzo files from that folder.

    5. Rename both "Default" files so their names looks exactly to the Enzo files (so the "Default.bnk" and "Default_I.bnk" will be "Enzo.bnk" , "Enzo_I.bnk")

    6. Run the game

    7. Now when you go and search the Enzo in your garage you will find that the Enzo now looks like this default car

    Thatīs not a secret car, is a default car that use the game when it donīt finds the graphics of a car.

    Well... thatīs all ^_^, sorry of my bad english u_u, im from Argentina

    If you want to get you Enzo back just use your backuped files

    Got this off atari forums

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    Actually i think EDEN could be testing the cars ingame because if you look at the rims on "some" of them "default" cars they don't appear on any other cars.

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    I've seen this car many times. Normally when the servers are mucking up.

    I've also seen it in black with a yellow stripe, my mate was in his black Lexus and I was in my Audi RS4 and when I went to take a photo it changed from the lexus to the defult car but in black. GOt pics on my 360 of it just need to get them off somehow.

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    The back of that car is based on the Audi A6 shape, not the RS4. Believe me, I know my Audis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pizza52 »
    The back of that car is based on the Audi A6 shape, not the RS4. Believe me, I know my Audis.
    LOL it is I think...
    Look at that guy drive!! He crashed his McLaren F1 13 times in a row and drove into the ocean!! OMG his Saleen S7 crashed into a POLICE ROADBLOCK!!!!!

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    IMO the car looks more like a blocky Mazda 6

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    I've seen that before! I think it happens when TDU can't find the graphics for that certain car. To me, it looks like something I might have drawn! I think it looks really good!

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    It happens when someone is driving a car that you do not have downloaded. It can also occur when the server is being stupid, the TVR T440R is a favorite for it.

    Epic bump, btw.

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    Please don't bump threads that are over 3 years old unless it's going to be helpful to other people.


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