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    Default So this is where you all went....

    ....honestly, I neglect my Oahu driving habits for a short while, and when I come back there's a whole bunch of whining kids on the (ahem) official forums, and none of the names I recognise.

    Anyhoo, here I am for those that remember me.

    Do you guys still do cruises?

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    Hi Bob ... long time

    Yes this is where 'the old faithfull' now live ... I got bored of 'the kids' firing off pointless threads, spaming and not reading threads before replying and now live here and hardly write in the official one anymore, if at all, well I recently posted there as I want to get all the cars

    As to cruises ... well nothing really gets organised officially these days ... but worth checking the 360 threads on "Mafia" and "Fly Drive" ... Mafia is black 4 dr saloons and Fly Drive is just spur of the moment meeting up in whatever ... or what I call a "snowball" event where one person is driving around, then some one else joins them, and then another, etc

    HOWEVER ... I might do a 'Forza Who!" Cruise this Friday (8th June) ... 9pm GMT+1

    Oh and welcome to TDUC
    I'd rather be topless !

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    Welcome to tdu-central, thanks for signing up, Have fun !!!

    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

    "Life is like a slush puppy, the longer you leave things the more they melt"

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    welcome 'aboard mate, hope to pass you in the game soon

    Ford Focus RS
    2.5 litres Inline 5 TurboCharged Engine
    simply said, "A Beast Amongst The Cars"

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    Meow there and welcome!

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    umm im getting the pc version soon can i roll with you guys

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    ummm how do you put your pics at the bottom of your message

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    Quote Originally Posted by mustow »
    ummm how do you put your pics at the bottom of your message
    In your User CP section of the site there is a section to use a signiture you upload a pic from your comp or add a web address for a file then hey presto.

    Also the Sigs have strict rules on size but it will tell you this in that section.

    And there is alot of people who make them for others on here aswell alot of them threads are in 'The Bin' section of this site.


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