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    Default Video capturing software?

    Could you give me an advice about something similar to FRAPS, maybe freeware or shareware with reasonable limitations?

    Gamecam is right out, since It just doesn't start on my pc (every time I try to install it, it gives me the message "GCF File Corrupted: Another install may fix this monkey-programmed software")

    Thanks in advance guys.

    On TDU: Janos1986 :bananadance:

  2. Janos is offline Miura Addicted
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    On TDU: Janos1986 :bananadance:

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    try CamStudio. it's a freakin lagger on my computer even adjusting the right FPS. might work on yours if you have a really powerful rig.

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    I dont use TDU for PC but GamerCam or Fraps.

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    Really Janos, you should just use FRAPS if you can. It's pretty much the standard for computer video game capture, if you will. I haven't known a program to work better then FRAPS.

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    i have a free version of fraps no need to pay and its jsut 3 mbs


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