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    Default I need 4-6 people for my video

    you need to live in california or near by since I need smooth car movements

    you need to have extra money to spend on a car that ill need u tto buy for the vid

    you need to be available often coz I dont really know when Im gona do this

    if I menage to get around 5 people on my xfire then we can do it, I wont need all 5 connected together for all scenes but will need all of u at the same time for one or two scenes, the video wont be too long, add me to xfire please

    my user name is predragt4

    Ill tell you what the video will be about

  2. ///AMGedUP is offline Sportscar Racer
    Location: california
    Posts: 236



    hmm I think 3 people will do

    I have a few guys from here on xfire but they are never on


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