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    Default Vista Recommendation

    Omg what a OS , on the way home from work today i stopped by a local Micro Direct (PC Store) just to have a snoot around, to cut a long story short i ended up buying a WHOLE new PC

    Specs :

    AMD Athlon 64 x2 Duel Core Processor 3800+ 2.01GHz
    1.5mb Of Ram
    (Didint get a new GFX Card)
    ATI Radeon XT 1300 Pro (still good though :P)

    With ......

    Windows Vista Premium Edition

    And my first words are........ WoW

    First installation didnt go too well as the GFX card drivers wernt installing and i was getting a infamous Code 43 Error, which if you google search you will be amazed at how many people have that problem on vista. Once i got that sorted its fantastic!

    I would recomend it too anyone.

    The whole feel off the new UI Is amazing, so smooth and easy navigation.

    BUY IT!

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    Default Re: Vista Recommendation

    How much is the new Vista, i heard its expensive. Its supposed to omake your computer much more easier to use

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    Default Re: Vista Recommendation

    Whilst I like the new look of Vista I personally wouldn't buy it just yet.

    Its very intensive on system resources therefore if you have an older PC then the features that make it look so good will be disabled which is just a waste.

    I'm waiting for the first service pack to be released because of all the bugs and problems that are out there. Not to mention the virus writers are attacking it with great enthusiasm.

    Most of the software I have probably isn't even 100% compatible with Vista, also some of the games I play, that's definitley something to take under consideration if you're considering purchasing Vista.



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