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    Default D.E.M.O.N MV Agusta Tamburini, 6660.0 miles !

    Hello i am here to advertise this for sale on behalf of diablo.

    So here it is.


    Yes I finally did it, my MV hit the target of 6660.0 miles and I have since purchased a new one and confined this one to one of my garages but I have decided rather than let it rot in there that I would auction it off. This bike is my favourite and has been a lot of fun not too mention has been in many many of my vids such as the MV Maxxed, TDU Mix, MV Adrenaline Ride etc...

    So if you're serious about grabbing a TDU legend (j/p) post your bid and maybe you can have as much fun as I have had on this DEMON of a bike. To be honest I don't think it has been below 150mph on any of those miles if I were to take an average. lol

    Enjoy !

    Bidding ends 24th June 2007.

    Oh yeah this bike prefers to be ridden in Hardcore mode.
    So happy bidding.
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    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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    Hey Diablo, i saw your post on the Atari board, and i want to place a bid (i'll have to fire up TDU again. ) but my bid is about $6 Mil. i have about $15 Mil on my game right now, and would definitely want the DEMON bike.
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    I have bid 9.999.000...
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    No bid but how about a part excahnge for a F430 with 9K miles?
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    i would but it sounds as if it has been through a hard life (not under 150)
    so im out may not be able to last much longer

    (really im just broke)

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    well I would bid, but I can't see the point. There is no history or diffeence in appearance or perfoemance, or even any way to track the bike's history. And the first time you ride it, it will no longer have 6660.0mi.

    unless I am dearly mistaken, in which case i must plead guilty.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FA430RGT »
    No bid but how about a part excahnge for a F430 with 9K miles?
    I thought my 2000 mile 430 was a lot


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