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    Default TDU Central meet ups?

    anyone fancy orgonising some TDUC meets on games that arent TDU?

    i know alot of people play RB6: Vegas, and im sure most people have got PGR3 and GoW, alot who are planning on Forza 2, Also I know a good few people who have BF2:MC, so i was wondering, anyone fancy orgonising a proper meet up on any of the above games?

    I cant even orgonise a decent cruise on TDU to save my life, but i thought maybe someone else would want to sort out some games. any takers?

    (also, i whooped Marc CRX quite a few times on BF2: MC today )
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    its a good idea, when i saw the title i thought actual face to face meets LOL

    there would be a fair few punches thrown i would imagine
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    Quote Originally Posted by N1PPER »
    there would be a fair few punches thrown i would imagine
    LOL! I wouldn't mind destroying all of you lot in Vegas but too many people here have commitment issuses with turning up on time..
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