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    Default Microsoft Coffee Table Computer

    Here it is a video of microsofts touch screen Coffee Table computer Called the Microsoft Surface.

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    Very cool but I'm trying to think of a good reason to have one, but by 2020 we will all have one I bet.

    I guess no more standing on the table to change the light bulb.
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    Pretty amazing I have to say..
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    Pretty cool


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    Quote Originally Posted by S71NG3R »
    I guess no more standing on the table to change the light bulb.
    Also no more putting drinks on it incase you spill them, which defies the point of a coffee table

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    Minority Report is here!

    Watch out for the pre-cogs!
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    Red face

    Yes, its all very innovative and amazing... but can u still play PAC-Man???

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    dual touch? isn't that what apple was calling 'unique and patented to apple' when it was raving about its iPhone?
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    This was on the ITV news at ten last night aparently it costs $10,000 and its only availible to resturants, hotels and businesses when it launches.

    But M$ say they will make it availible to everyone and that the price will come down.

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    nice piece of technology, very innoventive for some company's ...

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    That's really cool. I want one!

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