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    Lightbulb I'm thinking....

    .....That Atari will come out with some kind of big summer car pack. It will include all the cars they were talking about all in one pack, for some kind of summer release. Instead of number's of simple car packs (like we've been getting). Maybe they will, maybe they won't. I don't know, I was just thinking....

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    thinking is dangerous. it makes you believe things that wont happen. It would be excellent if they did, to keep up with FM2, but based on what i've heard of the last pack (sadly I'm like 20 MS pts. short), I'd rather they didn't rish anything and jsut started to work on the alleged TDU II.

    What other cars are left from original announcments of cars, that arent out yet?
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    Nope, they still got some cars that they proven (screenshots) will be in the game. Example: AC Cobra 427, Diablo/GTR, and others I can't think of right now.....

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    You have Forza 2 and have played three other games instead of it?
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    Ha. Yeah, I'm just taking a little break from it. I didn't realize I played 3 other games, besides it. I love it though, realistic. How 'bout you, do you like it?


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