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    Quote Originally Posted by Diablo »
    The Naked Gun is on right now. Love this film!
    Since my post above, I went to ITV4+1 and watched it again too

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    Haha awesome.
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    Roger, Roger!

    Naturally Hans is wet, hes standing under a waterfall.

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    Ah, but there was clearly a comma between the two words. #rookiemistake
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    I saw Cars 2 in the weekend, actually much better than I was expecting.
    Alot of proper car jokes and references hidden in it ('British Wheeland' branded engine parts at one point, loved that) and alot of branded cars, P38 Range Rovers with the branding for example, as well as Fiats.

    Now to find an excuse to wait until the 3rd one is out on DVD...
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    The CARS movies are quite fun to watch and if you know a bit more than your typical person there are some nice easter eggs hidden in amongst them.

    Finished Fargo series 3 last night, not as bold as the previous two but a good watch and plenty to keep you glued to the screen.
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    Was very sad when I found out Lesie Nielsen died

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