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    Red face HUGE dilemma...

    Ok so I'm having a HUGE dilemma in my hands ATM. I can't decide what I should buy. In other hand I have Xbox360+tdu+32" hdtv and in the other hand I have TDU+Logitech G25+new PC.

    The problem is that if I want to buy the G25 and play the TDU properly, I need to buy a new comp and that ain't cheap. I calculated that new PC+g25+tdu would cost around 1200$ and I'm a student so I don't really have that kind of money at once. The Xbox360+tdu+hdtv would cost around 1000$ but I could get that on part payment thingy (means that I pay around 100$ in a month for eleven months..). The problem is, is the G25 really worth it?? It costs freakin' fortune, but u know I've allways been a realism seeker when it comes to car games..

    I started thinking the other games that are coming, lalalala 3, Forza motorsport 2 (is it coming to PC too), Crysis (for PC) and u know I just can't decide..


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    wait another 2 weeks and get Xbox360+FM2+HDTV


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    option 1, the xbox 1, cuz u really wanna have HALO3, i'm telling ya

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    Go for the cheaper option. And you can get lalalala 2 for 360 (backwards compatible) which IS the same game as lalalala 3 just without the updated graphics. The weapons are still poor and don't feel right. Check out R6V for how guns should feel in a game. You're going to have to spend a hell of a lot of money on your PC to be able to play Crysis, too!

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    Don't get the G25 and get both.

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    I would choose the Xbox option, simply because there will be a time in the near future when better PCs will come along, and you will have to upgrade, and there will be a better wheel than the G25 in due time aswell. With the 360 you won't have to spend a single penny upgrading the hardware until the next console generation comes along in 3/5 years. and then you have the TV, Hi def is the biggest leap forward in over
    30 years (since colour TV became availible to the masses) That wont need upgrading for years either, and TDU... well, its the best driving game under the sun
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    Yea, I'm thinking about going with the Xbox360 option. Hopefully there will be a good wheel (like g25) for the Xbox360 too in near future.

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    I'd choose an Xbox 360.. Easier for me and my lifestyle anyway..
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    If you go for PC you will want to spend more than that one it to get as good gaming as 360 and a lot more to get better gaming really.

    An HD TV will do a lot more for you in the long run as everthing is going digital and hd is the higher end of digital (i think).
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    Btw, which TDU-gaming community is bigger the Xbox or the PC, because I want to be able to play the game online with other peoples, lots of other people.

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    hard to say really, TDU still has a large community, but servers rarely fill up unless its a fly drive/you're in the city.

    TDU still has a 'healthy' community on 360...

    however the PC version has been released for only a few months, whilst the 360 version has been out for almost 9 months now. so as it stands, the PC community is probably bigger, as the game is alot fresher for them.
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    Is there any news about when TDU is going to be on PS3?? Because I might go with the option C, and in this case that would be Logitech G25 + PS3 + TDU.

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    Unless something's changed, I heard it's not going to PS3. Wait for TDU2. There's a large possibility that will be on PS3 if it emerges.

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    Get the 360, you have to keep upgrading graphic cards on a PC but the 360 will last until 2009 probably

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    option 1
    xbox360, M$ racing Wheel, TDU&FM2

    xbox360 Premium (USD) = $400
    M$ Racing Wheel (USD) = $150
    TDu & FM2 (in USD) = under $100

    and depending on what you get for a 32" HDTV, it might cost you
    (on CircuitCity's website, or was it BestBuy?.... anyways, i saw an 'Olevia' 32" LCD HDTV for about $700, and has gotten nothing but great reviews) if i had that kinda money, i would upgrade my TV as well. (but then i'd have to upgrade my Cable box to an HD-box, get a better TV Tuner Card for my PC, and probably upgrade to the Elite. not worth it right now for me. )
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