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    Default Champion?

    I switched gamertags from a one that i shared with my brother. He had champion and doesn't remember how he got it. I am expert and have done so many races on the map it's not even funny. I just wanted to know. Is there anything special I need to do in order to get champion?

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    hi, im on champion and havent done many of the races. all i did was go on to info wen ur at your house n go on2 achievments and c how many more u need, then do the things like collect 3 lambos n 3 ferraris etc

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    Oh okay. That sounds easy enough with 1.6 mill to waste haha. Thanks a bunch!

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    lol 445 G and I have no more car collector aheivements.

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    There are loads of easy ones to get like cloths and round the island race.
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    i'm pretty sure the only requirement is 450points in the game (achievment points).

    Another way to get points pretty easily is do the "Island Tour" cahllange - it gives you 20 Achievment pts (i think) and the Alfa 8c Competizonie, worth around 200k in trade. Not a lot if you're a rich Ace, but every bit helps... and you obviously aren't an ace if you need this advice
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