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    Default Reduce stuttering

    Hey guys,

    I've got some pretty annoying stuttering issues, whenever im anywhere near buildings, not just in the big towns, if theres just 15 houses along the road somewhere, theres a 100% guarentee i'm gonna crash because of the stuttering.
    I've disabled the Details folder, and i'm using the TDU-SaveProtector-R3, which includes a low/mid spec system INI Tweak. There is a slight difference, but almost non-recognizable.

    Is there anything else i can possiply do, to keep the stuttering to a minimum, besides getting a better comp/graphics card/whatever? Cant afford anything right now, so upgrades are out the question

    Currently im running the game in 800x600, no hdr/AA, details low, blur off.
    To be honest, i (almost) dont care how horrible it looks, aslong as it runs as smooth as it can.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    Before you start the game press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and hold them.. Then click on processes and delete everything with your or you comps name nxt to it (Not the ones with system nxt 2 them) so delete all non systemm ones , but not and i MEAN not EXPLORER.EXE otherwise you will loose start menu and everything nd u will have 2 restart....

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    There is a way you can restart explorer.exe without having to restart. Just press ctrl+alt+del and click the applications tab, click "new task" and then type in explorer.exe, but for the sake of sanity, just don't turn it off.


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