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    Default Hey

    Hey guys, new here. I saw this site (and game as a whole) by the user Diablo_ who posted up videos on youtube, and this game is spectacular.

    I do have a question though.

    Which one has better gameplay and graphics, PC or PS2?

    I will be buying a Logitech G25 wheel setup to go with the game, but I want to know which one to buy it for.

    I have a computer with Pentium 4 3.40GHZ and 2GB of ram, and I have a PS2 (Plastic piece of junk IMO)

    Which one do you guys think would be better?



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    Hey there welcome to the forum. We hope you will enjoy your stay here. All the best, Tdu Central Staff.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

    "Life is like a slush puppy, the longer you leave things the more they melt"

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    Welcome, my mate says the PS2 version is crap and you can't use a steering wheel with it, get for PC.

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    Hi Spykey!


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