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    Default Buying a wheel

    Hey all,

    I'm a poor poor fella', so a G25 is out of the question for me as of right now - so was just interested in hearing if anyone have tried using a Logitech Formula Vibration Feedback Wheel in TDU/any other game? I have to admit that i havent had a steering wheel for 6 years or so, so the answers i'm mostly looking for is: How well is the response time? Back in the day the response time as far as i can remember, was rather slow... I'm hoping abit it'll be somewhere near instant?
    When you hit the gas just alittle bit, will you be able to maintain the same speed? I mean, go 60mph for xx amount of time, controlled only by your foot?
    Also, what exactly is the difference between force feedback and vibration feedback?

    Any info is appreciated!

    About the wheel;

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    Hi there,
    I use the Logitech Formula Vibration Feedback Wheel in TDU. I think the response time is pretty good, I've noticed mine drifts to the right a little, but it's probably just my settings. For maintaining the same speed, I can't get it to stay at the same speed for more than a few seconds.

    But it is a pretty good wheel, in my opinion.

    Sorry that I can't give you a more detailed description of it but I don't know much about steering wheels and I'm not a very good driver.

    Hope this helps!

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    I'm going to buy a wheel, because for a game like TDU. Using keyboard keys ruins the game play after a 100 hours of playing. So I think I'm going to buy this.

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    If you have enougth money, take a Momo Racing Pretty Good...
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