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    Question 360 Hard Drive Issues

    I have downloaded the Forza 2 demo and all is good. I have a friend who does not have his 360 connected to the webernet and according to my hard drive instruction manual, I can copy "items" from my Hard Drive to a Memory Unit, PC or USB Device by gonig to system settings, memory etc. etc. when I get there, there is only my Hard Drive and Memory Unit listed. I cannot select a USB Device or PC (which is connected as I can listed to my tunes etc through the media tab) to copy the "items" (Forza 2 demo) to Is this possible or are microsoft just talking out their rear ends as usual.

    Any info would be appriciated.

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    [sarcasm]if you find a way around MS's copyrighted DLC let me know [/sarcasm]
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    The UBS/Pc Portable device is for Pictures and music only, LOL @ putting a demo onto Flash Drive!


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    yeah, thats a bit rubbish, its not as if i would/could benefit from selling forza demos... just means i cant take it with me to a non internet users house to let them have a crack at it (unless I take my HDD!). i was hoping to stick it on a flash drive and then copy it to his hard drive...

    ah well, what can you do, probably in a magazine soon anyhoo.


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