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    Default Virtual Cars??

    Im not sure if this is the rigt place for this as its NO game! lol Its called Car Photoshopping and its wen you have Adobe Photoshop and you Cut and paste Rims, rollcages headlights e.t.c From other cars or just paint some on your self! If you want to have a go, visit 'THE BIBLE' here and this will help you through everything! The job satisfaction is brilliant and some of the cars look very good espically if its done by a real, paid Pro! lol Here are some of mine and does anyone else do these, if so get 'em posted!
    P.S- The focus isn't finished yet so thats why is a bit dodgey! lol
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    cool website...i need photoshop tho....

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    Great site. I'm not too keen on modded cars, but I may have a go when I have some time. Might be able to implement it into something else too! Maybe someone could Photoshop some TDU cars (proper screen caps, not digi cam photos!) and put them on a website?

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    really good site, i dont like modded cars, waste of time and money

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