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    Default Some Of My Skateboarding....

    just a link to youtube with some of my skating on it, edited by me aswell, just wanted to know what people think! sorry for the poor quality and i didnt know where else to put it either!??!

  2. Who
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    bloody hell, poo, you can skate well!

    you got yourself sponsered?
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    LoL yh thats what all comments are asking! Anyways thats some nice stuff right there..
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    nice, very nice, well i already told you my only time at skateboarding last night on RB6

    so i kno its frikin hard lol

    good luck on the sponsor deals

    also, if you ever get to meet tony hawk ask to see his shins, they are completely messed up after years of boarding LOL, its unbelieveable how little skin you can have between the bone and the rest of the world haha
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    Your well good, as the comments say on youtube you should get a sponser.

    We could be seeing you in the next or a future Tony Hawk game or better still get your own.

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    cheers guys, no im not sponcered....yet!! lol got a few companys that have said if i get enough good footage they will consider so you never know.

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    Some crazy and insane stunts there. Hope you get sponsered mate

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    ur awsome dude.

    made by Nodz86. thanks alot
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    Wink nice

    very nice get sponsored dude seriously !!

    btw, whats the name of that song ?

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    Dude that is sweet man !

    You show me up at skateboarding lol and yeah that is definently worthy of a sponsorship deal.
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