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    Default Psp Online Problem

    For a couple of days now, I am unable to entre the Drive-ins, or view the OPTION (FRIENDS LIST).

    As soon as I try any of these operations, the systems shuts down. This problem does not happen with a newly created online account. I am 78% complete with the problematic account and would like to continue with it and not have to start over with the new one that works okay.

    I also noticed my total distance is stuck to the same amount since this problem started. Any ideas why this is happening and how to resolved it?



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    Wow. That's quite odd. Do you have homebrew? Perhaps an illeagle copy of the game? Could be some glitch thing.
    Or did you turn it off while it was saving, or soon after? It might be become a bit corrupted, the save file. Remember that it autosaves, so it saves quite often.

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    Kind of the same thing happened to me, but not with online. When I wanted to exit the garage, while the game was loading my psp freezed and shut down, but it did not happened when I started a new game, luckily I had saved a backup game save file on my computer. My TDU is a perfectly legal copy.
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    This is an official copy. I purchased it the day the game came out. As I said, the problem is only with my "original" online account. Newly created accounts work fine. I will try starting a new game with the same account and then once created reload with previous saved game. This is very annoying. I think it all started at a point where, while going very fast, the road in front of me didn't "load" so I ended in water and then the game instead of putting me back on the road as if I had reset the car to the last road location (select button) it simply shut down the system.

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    is your psp battery full? or do u have the newest upgrade? this might have caused the problem.

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    I think it's a corrupted save Bad luck I guess.


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