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    Cool For The Love Of God!

    I know this is a gaming forum, but im sat here at 10:02 PM on the 12th May and to be honest... Im scarred for life! Im here listening to the most appauling singers and dancers Europe has to give. Im watching, of course EUROVISION, Yey..... I know, u can just feel the excitment cant you!? So the general point of this tread is...
    Have you ever seen anything on TV thats been so cringe-worthy that you were ready for some rope and a cliff? Youtube and anything of that sort, just for a laugh... Really! :bananajump:

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    i know!

    most hilarious thing all week!

    The pink lady was the best

    'on a scale of 1 to 10, how beautiful am i!'
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    Oh Yer! And the bloke was like in a really Camp way... "Oh, your just off the chart baby yeh!! "


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