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    Default Rainbow Six: Vegas Help.

    Hey, if any of you have rainbow six vegas and are ranked either First Sergeant or higher can you please answer this question for me:

    How do you colour in your tinted goggles?

    I have seen alot of people with them coloured but I am not able to colour them in.. Help me please?
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    press X (blue button) i would imagine, but im not sure
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    Yh, I tried that but it aint working. I keep seeing all these people with silver, yellow etc.

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    i think you have to become elite, then you get custom camo 1, 2 an 3, then i think you can do it then, this is just a guess though, i will tell you when i get to elite (2 ranks)

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    There are only two goggle's Orange tint and Clear Goggles the clear goggles looks like highly reflective silver on some of the maps and you have to be 2 Lieutenant to get the orange goggles and 1st lieutenant or captain to get the Clear goggles


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    =[ I was looking forward to the goggles.
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