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    Default Hello from me and all at Xcetera Gaming

    Hello all here at TDU Central
    Nice site you got here BTW D' Would you mind if Xcetera Gaming did a little advertising for you on our site... Like we'll add a banner with a link ?
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    Default Re: Hello from me and all at Xcetera Gaming

    welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your stay

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    Default Re: Hello from me and all at Xcetera Gaming

    Hi NWA TA welcome to the boards, thanks for joining ! Regarding your question about advertising that would be fine, if you wish to help promote TDU Central then I have no issues with that and thank you for doing so.
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    Default Re: Hello from me and all at Xcetera Gaming

    Welcome NWA, I must say that those few messages you sent me we're very handy, keep up the good work..
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    Default Re: Hello from me and all at Xcetera Gaming

    Hello, Welcome to TDU Central forums have fun here and please drive reasponsibly.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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