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    Default 5 cars for sale

    Hey. I have 5 cars for sale:

    2 Maseratis MC12: one ha 20 miles, second 60 mile on the clock. First is going up for 749k, second for 777k.

    Black CC8S with red interior with 170 miles if i remember. It's going for 650k

    Nero Daytona F430 with tan interior with 4 miles on the clock for 125k (in 15 mins itll be up for sale)

    And at last white Gallardo SE with red interior with 560 miles on the clock for 350k.

    Anyone intersted? I'm puttiing them on trade right now

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    I'm sure they'll sell before most people even see this. I have them all anyway thanks. Now if you were giving them away that could be different?


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    very differant

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    All exept F430 are still on trade so if anyone want one go get it

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    2 more cars for sale.

    Dark blue F430 S3 with 737 miles on clock

    Yellow Enzo Ferrari S3 with 829 miles on the clock

    How much do you pay to get it? I'm waiting


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