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    Question steering wheel prize's

    hi vrybody, wanna know some prize's, i found this steering wheel on the logitch site, can somebody tell me how much this honey cost's in a gaming store like game-mania ?

    if u have a steering wheel yourself, and know the prize, pls post here to, and pls include what brand and type of wheel


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    First your sig is massive, thats way over what the rules allow. Secound I really couldn't read what you said.

    After a bit of work, why don't you just look on a shop website or better, look in a shop.
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    if its the Logitec G25 then its around &#163;200 and not Compatible with Xbox360


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pherelas »
    First your sig is massive, thats way over what the rules allow. Secound I really couldn't read what you said.
    lol, you couldnt read that? Your standards must be high for english.
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    I think he means prices not prizes


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