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    Default What are you driving?

    We all have a car the has the highest miles, most love and care. Your pride and joy so to speak. So, spread the word what are you driving this very moment.
    Mine is C-class DTM, but my little peach is my XJ220.

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    I was driving my Pink Saleen S7 TT with 3300 miles just now, before I turned off my xbox.
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    i were driving my orange zonda roadster

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    RUF RTurbo. I have the game for about one week now and this is the only car that i didn't sell. It has over 450km now.

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    either my

    Mv agusta - 980 miles now
    Mclaren f1 - 750 miles !

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    I drive either a TVR Tuscan 2, a saleen or a Ford Gt (though have gone of that a bit). They all have a few thousand miles but I drive so many different cars (have them all plus a few doubles) that they don't get high mileage.
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    Ruf Rt 12


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    The Ruf Rturbo is bloody amazing, drifting is so damn easy with that thing..........

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    were driving my CLK 55 AMG! 715MILES Kawasaki ZX10 4301 Miles.. Aston Martin V8 Vantage. 450 the CLK is a great car! in the mountains it just handles so well!! can even lose 430s and Enzos with it!!!
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    I must get a Porsche 996Turbo aswell as the BMW M6 or M5.. or a Ferrari 360 will do thats all i ask or even one of those^

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    I have a Rt 12 with 2500 miles on it, my Lexus IS350 has 4000 i think..

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    under my 'Capn Wakka' profile, i have an S7TT with about 3,750 miles. and next closest to that under that profile is the RTurbo w/ 1,200 miles.

    under my 'rollin in a WRX' profile, my RTurbo has just reached 3,000+ miles tonight as i was Multiplayer racing. next would have to be the UN-TUNED Enzo, which has a little over 1,500 miles (want to get it to 2,000 b4 i decide to sell it. Anyone want it? ), then would be the S7TT with under 1,100 miles
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    The one I drive the most is my S7TT with over 30000 miles, but the car I love the most is my Lotus Exige 240R, omg this car is awesome! ^^
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    I've recently sold my Corvette and DB9, and now I have a Ascari KZ1, love that car and a Lotus Exige 240R or something, love that too. they're both in Yellow so if you see me around then say hi. Oh and every car I'm gonna get is gonna be in yellow. They're both gorgeous.


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