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    Default A little help with online

    A friend and I are trying to get the online achievements (sp?) and I was wondering if this would work: We both create different clubs, race each other 2 twice, 1 time he wins, the next time I do. Would that get the Inter Club race out of the way? We were also thinking about doing the multi races that way to, does anyone know if this would work? Thanks for you help.....

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    well, for Inter-Club challenges, you need @ least 2 members of your club to challenge another Club. and you need 3 victories, not just one. Those multi-player chellenges, are 'Ranked Match'es, not Player Match'es just so you know
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    So does that mean that 2 club members have to race? Or can you just have 2 people in the club? Thanks for your help on this


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