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    Default Midnight Purple R34 GTR

    This is THE only MPIII skyline in the Whole of Ireland

    Let me know if you have to register to see the topic and i will Direct link the pics.

    Full Detailing of THE Best colour in the world


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    Itsa shame the Skyline never made it to the US. If you got one here, it was only allowed to be registered as a track car, as they only came RHD i believe. I wish the US didnt have strict regluations `n whatnot. I'm loving the Midnight Purple color too.
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    Woow i have seen one of the R34's in Midnight Purple also and it looked amazing. It's local now and has BBS alloys i think which look sexy as hell

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    omg, i think i just wet myself! That car is S E X Y !
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    Thats awsome.. Did I post that Veyron Detailing job? Great pics and a brilliant write-up..
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