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    Default Top 100 fasted cars, at the moment

    i was going to type a list out, i got to number 84 from 100, and then just cudnt be bothered, but they have been released on topgear, heres the link

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    number one... come on!

    shelby mustang GT 500 is a P.O.S. and everyone knows it.

    apparently the opel GT (saturn sky rebadge) is a better car than the caterham R500 aswell. *rolls eyes* yeeeah...
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    there not in order

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    Um how does a Mrk II Golf get in there? My Mum's Micra is faster? Ok bad example but still!
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    Read the text 430..

    I couldn't stop laughing when I read this:

    BMW M5 Touring

    Remove the limiter and you have an estate car capable of 200mph. Now put it back on.

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    A Mustang isn't No1 ... didn't you read ... the fastest car is a HIRE CAR ... the reason for the picture of the current Mustang is that is a special GT-H version ... the H standing for Hertz as it's a hire car special ... glad to see the F1 in 2nd
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    No doubt. As soon as I saw the Mustand there I thought of the commercial and read the text. It made perfect sense.

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    Yay Zonda, just been out on one of them, crazy thing. That was a bit of a rubbish list as they wee not the fastest cars and they wern't in order.
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    List doesn't make sense. Isn't Hennessey Viper the fastest streetlegal car? At least that's what I've read. well, doesn't matter for me, I'm getting one when I got money... ...which might take a while.

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    List is Rubbish. How can that Mustang ever be faster then a F1 GTR/Veyron/F1/Zonda/Koenigsegg/Saleen?

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    it's not statistically fastest, it's those which FEEL the fastest, hence the hire car (not the Mustang), since you can pretty much drive it to destruction and let your insurance sort it out...
    I could see where they were going with that list, but i do agree some parts of it are REALLY messed up... they just lumped the Ferraris and Porsches on their own pages, and the track cars, which lets face it, have probably the greatest sensation of speed, are stuck in the bottom 10...

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    I disagree.

    Racecars doesn't feel as fast as street cars. Mainly because the tracks on which you race are wide and turns are as well. So while you are travelling at 200 km/h you don't feel it.

    You can compare it to driving on the highway. How does it feel going 100 mp/h on the highway? Not too shabby.

    How does it feel doing 60 in a school district?

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    woah old thread

    baxie is right. doing 80 km/h in the suburbs felt fast.

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    Yeah. This list is not ordered. In the Bulgarian edition of that TG magazine the fastest car was the minibus. 2nd place was for McLaren F1.


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