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    Default Small update !

    If you haven't noticed I have just done a small style change on the board making a header placeholder as well as changing some of the buttons to look much better and fit in with the board theme. Still a lot of work to do and this is only a small part of what I have been working on offline especially the damn buttons and statusicons, why are there soo many !! lol

    You might also have noticed we have put up a [Donate] link up on the navbar, this is due to a few members have actually contacted me regarding helping out so if you wish to donate something to the upkeep and running of TDU Central then first of all we thank you very very very very very very very much and secondly you now can by clicking the link in the navigation bar above. Note it is all done via Paypal which is as secure as you can get and also there is no need to signup for an account, just fill in some details and that's you and again thank you.

    Well it's back to work for me, again we would like to thank you for being a part of the community and wish that you enjoy yourself and everything we have to offer for a while to come.

    Cheers !

    TDU Central staff.
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    Default Re: Small update !

    site looks much better now Diablo, update is cool. keep up the good work

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    Default Re: Small update !

    Keep up the good work mate, I'll try and get a donation in later
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