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  1. Partoon is offline Rusted Banger
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    Default What do you drive?

    I drove an Escort until it broke.

    Then a VW Vento until it broke.

    Now I don't drive either


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  2. Baldy is offline Wibble Wobble
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    I've moved this to general chat. I drive a focus st used to have a renault clio but it crashed.
    Another insightful post by Baldy!!

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  3. Rollin in an STi is offline Subie Owner
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    my first car was a 1994 toyota Corolla DX
    my car now is a 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX (in Sonic Yellow. limited production color. )
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  4. Smeep is offline Burnt-out Shell
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    I drive a Fiat Stilo 3dr
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  5. YeOldeTDUMan is offline working too much
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    I currently drive a current gen Celica (pre-facelift) 140bhp version

    Previously ...
    850cc Mini Super Deluxe ... which after an engine transplant and lots of body mods (see My Mini Thread) became a 1275cc Mini ... and then I got bored again, so I bought a new engine for it (again) ... so it became a 1380cc Mini
    Mk I MR2 T-Bar
    Fiat Bravo HGT
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  6. Marc_CRX is offline Tail End Out!!
    Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
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    I drive a Seat Ibiza, Previously a Hyundai Coupe


  7. Hammy is offline DoUcHe BaG
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    im driving a Renault Clio (mine) and a Audi A3 (parents) atm, looking for new car though

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  8. Mb
    Mb is offline The Photographer
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    I'm supposed to drive my bicycle as im not 18 yet.
    But some *#*@ stole it!

    It doesn't matter how much horsepower your car has, it's about the smile on your face when you drive it.

  9. Nodz86 is offline ____________
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    I drive a no litre (998cc) Mk3 Ford Fiesta with the special option of a bent drivers door.

    But as soon as i get another job i'm gonna get a BMW 3 series on or around a 52reg, but iit wont be an M as i wont get insured.

  10. SRi 150 is offline Just a Skidmark
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    I drive a 2001 Vectra SRi 150.

    But sometimes drive the other halves 2004 Corsa SXi

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  11. scaleopdriver is offline GT500 Fan!
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    Bmw 525TDS 200HP
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  12. khevolution is offline Most likely To Hit a Tree
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    1.3 MK4 ford fiesta<<<<------ my first car only had it about 2 weeks

  13. sbiggy888 is offline The Brushfire!!!
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    2000 GMC Sierra Crew Cab and A 2002 Lexus RX 300

  14. BobbyV is offline insomniac
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    All cars I've driven so far. Not my actual photos (unfortunately, haven't got any photos of a car alone) but colors are the same...
    My first car...1991(got my license)-1994.

    the 2nd was a shoe car 1994-1997 >>>

    The third one, 1998-1999, the engine set itself on fire only few weeks after I bought it >>

    Finally, my first brand-new-zero-mileage-car, 2001-2007>>>still in very good shape...tup:

    And the current one, also b.n.z.m.c., still enjoying its new leather smell...>>

  15. Nodz86 is offline ____________
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    Nice bit of thread recycling. and as for this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nodz86 »
    I drive a no litre (998cc) Mk3 Ford Fiesta with the special option of a bent drivers door.

    But as soon as i get another job i'm gonna get a BMW 3 series on or around a 52reg, but iit wont be an M as i wont get insured.
    Well I've had a job for 14months now and still haven't got there. Mainly because I've got a company van and I'm insured on the better halfs Mini. And I've gone off the 3 series and can't decide on what I want. Still got the no litre used it once this year for going to gatwick and back. had to charge the battery twice through it dying.

  16. H4milton is offline I'm voiD| H4Milton
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    My car is TOYOTA AE 101SPRINTER,1.6L, 4A-FE Engine, a K&N Air filter and Iridium Spark PLUGS, in total my bhp went 130, and the stock was 115bhp(4A-FE).
    here's my car...

    is my car good?

  17. And3rs is offline Here for my yearly visit
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    i drive a blue 2002 model GT for bmx, and a red something for everything else

    NOT cars im 12

  18. SLRRR is offline Ace
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    I drive a bicycle because i'm not 18 yet

  19. ShadowGT is offline I <3 Boobies!
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    I drive a 1993 Ford Falcon Fairmont.

    Leader & Founder of the "Ponies of War" Gaming Comunity

  20. KoenigseggBG is offline Made in 1994
    Location: Varna, Bulgaria
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    I`m 14 so I don`t drive. My dad drives a 2004 Toyota Corola Sedan 1,4, 97hp, top speed 180 km/h.

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