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    Default New Online Game Mode Idea's

    As an Ace (OK I know it's nothing Special) I think some new game mode packs would be a good idea. The hardcore mode is sort of one but i didn't Download it cos I heard it was Cack.

    I think a pack including a sort of Gumball Challenge would be a great Idea. You could start at the Light house on the West and Finish at the Light house on the East. Any car, any route with a big cash Prize or/and a new car (Maybe from an upcoming pack) This would only work online obviously.

    What other ideas would be good???


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    Yeah, I was thinking the the same idea about a Gumball Rally like a week ago or something..... But yeah, Oahu is the perfect place for a Gumball, in my opinion. But if they did decide to put it in, they would probably wait for TDU 2 to come out and not put it on a patch.

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    And that's if it put to them by someone. I tried to contact Atari but the link were crud so I gave up.

    I've competed in unofficial Gumballs across Oahu today and it's great fun. You should give it a go.


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    Yeah I tried it before, with my friends.

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    First off, Hardcore Mode is completely worth 160 points.

    Secondly, you wont be seeing any sort of game modes like that in this game, just because this game isn't like that. Unless they added a multiplayer race with no specific route. Wouldn't be massive prizes or anything though.

    All I want from TDU is basically Forza with the free roam of TDU. Customization of cars, externally and tuning to the engine, full roaming capability of a place the size of Oahu, and basically Hardcore Mode physics as standard, and that would be a good game.

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    i agree with thorpaaay, hardcore mode is definatly worth it, would be nice to get serious amounts of cars aswell, like BMW's, Bugatti, more TVR's etc, basically the forza 2 list!!!, unfortunatly thats just a pipe dream lol

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    Forza 2 will be good For Gumball Event's


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc_CRX »
    Forza 2 will be good For Gumball Event's
    How? It's a circuit racer, OK apart from the point to points but they're nowhere near the scale of TDU.

    TDU is good for Cannonball/Gumballs agree with friends a starting and finishing location, all lock and isolate session and off you go ... great fun!
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    Hybrid, i think he means the silly little stickers on the cars
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