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    Default Complete island location map (missions, rental places)

    Has anyone got a source for a complete map and not just the dealers and tune up shops?

    I'm trying to finish off the top model, delivery and courier missions at least. The hitchhiker ones piss me off. I just covered every road at the bottom of the city and got a lot of the top models but damn it took a lot of time.

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    do a search in the forum ... I'm sure there is one ... but some tips for you

    1. Drive ALL the roads, that way you'll find the missions. The missions are all over the island.
    2. Don't finish a Delivery mission unless you have a perfect driving bar (you get a 50% extra on the cash) ... just take your time
    3. Top Model and Hitchiker missions can pretty much all be completed if you can do 120mph, which is far easier to control. Perfect on a Top Model gets you an extra clothes voucher ... so you can buy all the clothes (you can retry these tho unlike the Delivery missions)
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    kwl nice, i wish i found that wen i needed it, nevermind:bananajump:

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    Thanks. It helped me find the one vehicle transport left that I needed, it was on the top right of the island and even the map made it look like it was on the main road on the outside but instead it was inside a small town very close to a main road, ARGH!

    Only took double and triple checking all night ><



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