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    Default i may not be on xbl for awhile

    well my grades came in and they were reallllly bad...i cant will be hard to get on msn (but i will atleast once a week) i am losing my ipod and i am losing my laptop and i am losing my chance at getting my learners permit (so i can drive with someone over 18 in the car and i had 10 days to go :'(... ) yea so if you dont see me around for awhile it is because i am grounded I hate freshman year at high school... my parents said i might have to repeat :S

    Enfuze i will try to get on msn every week and maybe xbox live and if i cant i will try to get on here.
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    damn..Im getting my cd back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow so it sucks to hear that

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    Grounded for not doing well in school? what has the world come to?

    My Parents Supported me no matter what i got from Exams (I Failed all but Geography and Science)


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    wtf get grounded for not doing well on school. i got suported by my parents still if i did it crap on school, but im kinda excused because im dyslectic and have adhd.

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    Hey man, just work a little harder next time. Take this advice from a senior graduating this year, don't burn any bridges. Although classes, grades, etc may not seem important now, they will sooner than you think. I have a lot of friends that screwed around sophomore year and are not able to go where they want or they are getting no financial aid at all. I'm sure you've gotten this speech already, but just my .02

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    yea i am able to get on the computer right now.. i have to fix the other one so i am useing my laptop (temporally) to fix the other one :S...I hope i can get it fixed :S I am now real worried about my grades also :S (1.000 GPA :S or a D Avrage :S)
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    TBH, I don't know whether I should feel sorry for you.

    If you spent all your time not working and playing games and on msn, then what did you expect?

    BUT, if you did work hard, then sorry to hear that.

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    Lucky abut grade. I have no idea about US grade system but i'm taking what I take is the UK equivalent now. I really know hoe deistracting the xbox is, and this site thinking about it. Why does everything have to be so good and work so rubbish.

    Mer, won't last long, hope to see you online when its all over with for the both of us.
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    lol yea i keep sneaking online :P Its fun while i get to play :P I hope i can play some more soon :P
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    are your parent's hitler, getting grounded cuz u don't do well at school
    well good luck in your boring times mate :eek_blue:

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