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    Question Strange things happening online

    I was in one of the drive-ins doing challenges and on one of the speed challanges someone has manages to get a shelby concept going 309mph????? i thought they managed to stop the speed glitch???

    Other things i've seen include a golf going about 150mph with his reverse lights on, my Audi RS4 has its front lights on nearly all the time (looks like sidelights, but it looks good) and the glitch car being black with a yellow stripe instead of that red colour with yellow stripe.

    Anyone else had anything like that happening?? or is it just me??

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    seen them all, including many more

    i have seen many cars driving with their Reverse lights on (i think its just a glitch with the servers most of the time, cos when they bump it down to reverse and up again they go off as normal)
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