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Rims tryout 2
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CLR-GTR Member Vehicles 1 year ago 1 12 3

Download: rims2

Comments on: "rims2"
#Myk2016's avatar
I agree with the Humpy one, the bottom ones are the best.
#Myk2016 | 1 year ago #3
CLR-GTR's avatar
What a coincidence... so far they're also the ones I like most, as well as the people on the merc forum. Those rims also come in silver spokes with a black heart btw.
CLR-GTR | 1 year ago #2
Camel's avatar
The bottom set on this one look awesome on your car.

Perhaps a slightly darker silver or maybe even a mid gray would be nicer imo
Camel | 1 year ago #1

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