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Hitler's Eagle's Nest
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Hitler's Eagle's Nest
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aka Kehlsteinhaus in Berchtesgaden, Germany
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The Compensator Pictures 9 months ago 1 27 7

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Comments on: "Hitler's Eagle's Nest"
Ryzza5's avatar
...In German I presume? Nein, nein, dash ist verboten!
Ryzza5 | 8 months ago #7
The Compensator's avatar
In the past you could drive up the road, but Ze Germans closed it for the public. You can't even take photos in the elevator that is in the building, a guy will yell at you.
The Compensator | 8 months ago #6
Ryzza5's avatar
Is the bus necessary? You can't ride/drive up there yourself? Killer view. Killer name.
Ryzza5 | 8 months ago #5
mau92's avatar
I've heard about it recently in the History Channel. Really awesome place
mau92 | 8 months ago #4
RobikV3's avatar
Wow that is a view and a half
RobikV3 | 8 months ago #3
The Compensator's avatar
1,834 meters.

Have to take a bus to get up there if you don't want to hike.
The Compensator | 9 months ago #2
Diablo's avatar
How high is up this thing?
Diablo | 9 months ago #1

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