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One of 8...
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One of 8...
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One of 8 Bugatti Veyron Wold Record Editions (WRE)...in the world.
I'm lucky enough this is a local car, and the owner takes it out quite often for local events. This was at the 2016 Royal Deeside Speed Festival.

Image posted here with permission by watermark holder, which is me.
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calster17 Car Spotting 7 months ago 2 17 4

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calster17's avatar
Likewise, Im not a massive fan of the Veyron but they seem to have gotten better with age, at least looks wise.
Got a few Photos from 2015 & 16. Keep an eye out in the gallery for them.
calster17 | 7 months ago #4
RobikV3's avatar
Im not a huge fan of Bugattis but damn seeing one up close must be something, got any more pics of it?
RobikV3 | 7 months ago #3
calster17's avatar
For added stalker points, I know what part of Aberdeen it's from.
It's not a trailer queen though, it overtook a mate of mine on the A90 doing more than he was...
calster17 | 7 months ago #2
Diablo's avatar
There's a WRE Veyron in Scotland?!!
Diablo | 7 months ago #1

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